• Royal Terra 15/15/15/4MgO+8.5%CaO

Royal Terra 15/15/15/4MgO+8.5%CaO


Imported nitrophosphate fertilizer from Taiwan produced by reacting phosphate powder rock with nitric acid to convert excess calcium into valuable calcium nitrate instead of gypsum. At the same time, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and others are added to provide full range of nutrients to the plant. Provides additional advantage by acting as soil conditioner while supplying nutrients at balance ratio. 

Key Benefits:

1. Balance ratio of N, P and K.

2. Immediate availability of nitrate-nitrogen and
 water soluble phosphate.

3. Availability of both fast action nitrate-nitrogen and slow action.

4. Suitable for entire growth stage.

5. Fast absorbility.

6. Addition of MgO to increase chlorophyll level, hence improve photosynthesis.

7. Addition of CaO for soil amendment and also to increase plant resistance against drought period, pest and diseases.

8. Addition of soil conditioner to enhance soil structure and fertility.

9. Minimal soil acidification.

10. Ideal long term fertilizer type for leafy vegetables.

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