• EPSOTop 16% MgO

EPSOTop 16% MgO


A magnesium and sulphur fertiliser with both nutrients in sulphate form. It is fully soluble in water without residues, making it ideal for foliar application as well as fertigation system. It can be used together with most fertiliser and pesticides. Ag Magnesium is also an ideal source to overcome magnesium and sulphur deficiency in crops.

Origin: Belgium

Key Benefits:

1. Magnesium: crucial in the process of photosynthesis and improves nutrients uptake; important in the formation of cell wall which helps to enhance plant growth.

2. Sulphur: Aids in protein formation in plants and enhances efficiency of applied N; improves plant growth, yield & quality; can be absorbed directly by the roots & leaves.

Nutrient Contents:

Magnesium (MgO): 16% (Mg: 9.7%)

Sulphur (S): 13%

Solubility (20 degree Celsius): 600 g/L water

pH (10% solution): 8.0

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