• SoluPotasse



A concentrated potassium fertiliser in white powder form which can dissolve rapidly without any residues. It is low in salt index and free of chloride. It can be used together with most fertilisers (except those containing calcium), pesticides and fungicides for foliar application.

​Origin: Belgium

Key Benefits:

1. Ideal nitrogen-free source of potash which enables farmers to match nitrogen input according to the crop requirement.

2. Improves quality & color in fruits & vegetables.

3. Enhances plant resistance against diseases and bruising.

4. Reduces pH level at root surface, thus improving the availability of P, Fe and other micronutrients.

5. Reduces cation leaching & K loss.

Nutrient Contents:

Potassium Oxide (K2O): 50% (K: 42%)

Sulphur Dioxide (SO2): 46.5% (Sulphur: 18%)

Cl: 0.6%

H2O: 0.02%

pH (1% in water): 2.7

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