• Ag POWER 1kg/25kg
  • Ag POWER 1kg/25kg

Ag POWER 1kg/25kg


AG POWER is a fully water soluble fertiliser and it is in crystalline form. It has a balanced ratio of NPK + Mg and contains chelated micro elements. The micro elements are in chelated form, hence the trace elements are prevented from being locked in the soil and remain available for the plant uptake. The full range of products provides a complete plant nutrition scheme throughout the growth cycle.

AG POWER is specially formulated for direct soil application, fertigation or foliar spraying on fruit crops. It is well known all over Malaysia and widely accepted due to its efficiency and fast response to the plants.

Available formulations:

  • ​13/40/13 + 2MgO + TE
  • 18/18/18 + 2MgO + TE
  • 21/21/21 + TE
  • 15/5/30 + 3MgO + TE
  • 14/10/32 + 3MgO + TE
  • 12/12/36 + TE

Key Benefits:

1. 100% fully water soluble

2. Manufactured from carefully selected and premium macronutrients and micronutrients as the raw materials

3. Consist of Ammonical-N and Nitrate for Nitrogen nutrient

4. Fast and efficient plant absorption

5. Free of chloride, sodium and other detrimental materials

6. Provides plant nutrition throughout the growing season

7. Increase plant tissue turgidity, plant resistance to stress & disease, fruit quality and shelf-life.

8. Tailored made formulas for different crops and crop stages

9. Compatible with most pesticides/fungicides thus can be mixed in one spray.

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