• Agro Activa Red 12/6/22/3

Agro Activa Red 12/6/22/3


Agro Activa is a premium grade NPK Compound Fertilizer, with its production line utilizing advanced technologies and undergoing a stringent quality control process.

Suitable for matured oil palm and is a proven formulation. The high N and K content will provide for good growth and production. Sufficient P and Mg content will help spur the growth of oil palm.

Key product features:

One-liquid-phase during production

  • Urea is melted and sprayed onto a pre-mixed of SUPERFINE Rock Phosphate / Soluble Phosphate, MOP and Magnesium Sulphate in the granulator. Steam is added for better granulation.​
  • Uniform and consistent nutrient content.

Advanced drying and cooling system

  • Drying at 100 -110ºC
  • High-tech drying drum. COMPLETE and UNIFORM DRYING of granules.
  • Advanced dehumidifier system to cure the finished products.

High Nutrient Formulations

  • High nutrient content to ensure high level of efficiency and productivity.
  • Reduce application rates.
  • Savings in labour, storage and transportation costs.
  • Balanced nutrients for better yield.

SUPERFINE Rock Phosphate and Soluble Phosphate

  • Uniform binding of all granules.
  • Improved solubility of phosphate.
  • Improved uptake of phosphate.

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