• Weed Control Mat - Black

Weed Control Mat - Black

  • Color
  • Polymer
    H.D. Polyethylene


​Weed Control Mat is made of high quality Polyethylene yarn with Ultra Violet stabilised properties. It prevents any sunlight penetration. As such, it inhibits any weed growth. Being woven and hence porous, water and nutrients can pass through.


Weed Control Mart is an ideal material for all area where weed control is absolutely necessary. It is a cost effective and environmental friendly method compare to conventional way of using herbicide sprays. This products is suitable for use in all crops (especially for the newly transplanted seedlings of plantations and orchards) as well as in plant nursery, green house flooring and etc.

Method Of Application

Weed Control Mat on the desired area and hold in place with pegs or cover the edges with soil. In areas where extremely vigorous weeds are present, it is advisable to spray a round of herbicide first.

Additional Details