• Ag Hydroponic A & B Set

Ag Hydroponic A & B Set


Since the beginning of fertigation in Malaysia, Fertitrade (M) Sdn Bhd has been marketing full range of top quality and highly soluble specialty fertilisers for hydroponic and fertigation. In facts, Fertitrade is the pioneer of specialty fertilisers in Malaysia 30 years back and it holds agency for top quality water soluble fertilisers produced by world leading manufacturers. Over 25 years ago, we also formulated our own Hydroponic A & B Set fertilisers for various crops.

Advantages of Ag-tech Hydroponics A & B Set Fertiliser:

• Premium hydroponic grade of macronutrients used as raw materials

• 100% European source of micronutrients and chelated EDTA TE

• 100% soluble fertiliser

• 100% quality assurance

• Negligible heavy metal content

• Specially formulated for 15 crops (Bean, Bitter gourd, Brinjal, Capsicum, Chili, Chrysanthemum, Cucumber, Flower, Ginger, Lady’s finger, Lettuce, Melon, Rose, Strawberry, Tomato, Vegetable)

• Yields and crop quality assurance

• Trusted and reliable brand

Set A (±25kg)

Calcium, Nitrate-N, Ammonium-N, Potassium, EDTA Fe

Set B (±25kg)

Phosphate, Nitrate-N, Ammonical-N, Potassium, Magnesium, Sulphate, Boron, Molybdate, EDTA Mn, EDTA Zn, EDTA Cu

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